Symposium 216

Brussel, België

Inflammatory bowel diseases are one of the modern World‘s pandemics. Major advances had been made in understanding of disease pathogenesis, in bringing new treatments to patients, and in developing approaches to patient care. With the vast amount of information gained, one of the major challenges in the field is to build strong bridges: bridges between clinical observations and mechanistic studies, between patient stratification and tailored therapies, between different disciplines and team members, and, most importantly, between patients to caregivers.

With these in mind, we decided to dedicate the Symposium 216 to some of the important gaps in the field, and discuss opportunities to address the unmet needs in an effective, comprehensive way.

The topics discussed include every day clinical dilemmas, practical suggestions for patient care, as well as discussion of unresolved scientific questions.

Multidisciplinary approach-and team work are one of the highlights of this meeting, featuring many of the World‘s leading experts in the field.

It would be our honor to welcome you in Brussels!
We look forward to a productive enjoyable meeting,

Iris Dotan - Marc Ferrante - Edouard Louis - Daniel Rachmilewitz - Severine Vermeire